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大治研有限公司 Hemplify Innovation Limited,著重關注公共健康以及環境健康,致力於研究和普及漢麻的益處,幫助大眾擁有和建立可持續的理想生活模式。數千年以來人類對麻類植物的科研成果,漢麻在今年能夠被視為開啟可持續的理想生活模式的關鍵。 我們的產品均含有萃取自美國原生漢麻的一種不具精神活性的天然成分 – 大麻二酚(CBD Cannabidiol)。 已通過香港的第三方實驗室認證,結果顯示不具任何精神活性作用。我們亦會通過舉辦工作坊的形式在未來為香港市民,去提供有關於漢麻對環境及對健康的資訊,亦會向公眾展示更多如何將大麻素融入可持續的生活節奏。

Hemplify Innovation Limited, care about public health as much as environmental health. We aim to help the public to achieve a sustainable living style through understanding the potentials of hemp. After thousands of years of development of hemp technology for mankind, hemp has become a key to sustainable living in recent years.Our supplementary products contain a natural non-psychoactive compound, CBD (Cannabidiol),which are extracted from hemp plants organically grown in the USA.These products are proven to be safe and legal in Hong Kong by third-party lab tests. Through our workshops, we tend to educate the public about the environmental and health benefits of hemp, as well as demonstrate the possibilities of infusing cannabinoids into your sustainable living style.

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Hemplify Innovation Limited 的所有產品均獲國際認證,在美國FDA及cGMP認證工廠生產。所有產品都接收過第三方實驗室的審查,確保不含 四氫大麻酚 (THC) 或 大麻酚 (CBN) 及其衍生物,所以所有產品都不具精神活性,絕對符合香港法例規定。我們在香港亦是食物環境衛生暑認可的食物進口商及食物分銷商。Hemplify Innovation Limited 採用超臨界二氧化碳及乙醇作萃取劑,溶解及採集植株的萃取,再分離出純淨 大麻二酚 (CBD)。並且通過超高壓液相層析技術(UPLC),去檢測CBD的濃度確保符合標準。我們的農場夥伴都是100%遵守美國農業部的指引去進行整個採集CBD的過程,他們亦持有GMP(Good Manufacturing Practice 證書)和食品安全證書。Hemplify Innovation Limited 的產品均屬純素、零殘忍(Cruelty-free),不含動物成分或動物副產品或殺蟲劑。

Hemplify Innovation Limited’s list of products are third party tested to ensure each product does not include THC, CBN or other Psychoactive component, in compliance with applicable laws and regulations in Hong Kong. All products are made from USA grown industrial Hemp by FDA and cGMP approved farms and  manufacturers. Hemplify Innovation Limited is also an approved food importer and food distributor in Hong Kong.Hemplify Innovation Limited utilizes both CO2 and Ethanol Extraction to dissolve and collect plant extracts, then decomposit pure Cannabidiol (CBD) from it. We will put them through ultra high pressure liquid chromatography (UPLC) detection to ensure the concentration is appropriate to standard quality before our products get to your hands.Our hemp farm partners are 100% compliant with all State Department of Agriculture regulations, GMP Certified and Food Certified vendors and suppliers. Hemplify Innovation Limited products are vegan and cruelty-free and contain no animal contents or animal by-products or pesticide

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