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Hemp / 火麻

Hemp / 火麻


目前被視為商業種植的品種, THC含量都是<0.3%.


Hemp (Cannabis, Industrial Hemp or) was first found in ancient China, is a Cannabis plant from the family Cannabaceae. It is an environmentally friendly plant considering its features including easy cultivation , fast growing speed, thrives in any climate, resistant to pests and diseases etc.

Currently the species of hemp that contains 0.3% or less THC is qualified for commercial production. 

Hemp has been applied for an array of products and its fibre is most commonly used for textiles and clothing. The term ‘Industrial Hemp’ refers to the industrial products made of hemp. For instance, hemp could be used to produce industrial products including papers, plastics, building material, food, animal feed and also bio-fuel. The wide range of applications of hemp also included food and nutrition which hemp functions as supplementary products.  

One of the examples is that hemp seed has been used for Traditional Chinese medicine in treating diseases like constipation, diarrhea. Moreover, hemp oil that is extracted from hemp seed can be used for cooking. 

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